The nucleotide sequences of part of the nuclear inclusion body b (NIb) gene, the complete coat protein gene and the 3' untranslated regions of narcissus latent virus (NLV) and Maclura mosaic virus (MacMV) were determined. Deduced amino acid sequences for the NIb and coat protein genes revealed that NLV and MacMV are closely related. Gel analysis and Western blotting of the coat proteins of NLV and MacMV from infected tissue or purified virus indicated that they have molecular masses of 39.5 kDa and 40 kDa (respectively), whereas estimates from deduced amino acid sequences suggested that they have molecular masses of 32.8 kDa and 34.1 kDa. Comparison of the NIb and coat protein sequences with other viruses showed that NLV and MacMV have close affinities with viruses of the Potyviridae and suggests that they should form a new genus of the family.


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