The complete nucleotide sequences of the small (S) genomic RNA segments of five California (CAL) serogroup bunyaviruses (two Inkoo virus strains, San Angelo virus, Serra do Navio virus, South River virus and Tahyna virus) were determined. In agreement with previously published data concerning CAL serogroup viruses, the nucleocapsid (N) and non-structural (NS) proteins were encoded in over-lapping open reading frames (ORFs). All N protein ORFs were 708 nucleotides in length and encoded a 235 amino-acid gene product. The NS ORFs were either 279 or 294 nucleotides in length, which would encode 92 or 97 amino-acid proteins, respectively. Comparative analysis of the nucleotide sequences and amino acids corresponding to the nucleocapsid protein resulted in a predicted relationship among these viruses that generally agreed with those determined by serology. The only exception was Inkoo virus, where comparisons based on the S RNA sequence and partial M RNA sequence suggest that this virus is more similar to Jamestown Canyon virus of the Melao complex than it is to viruses such as Tahyna and La Crosse viruses of the California encephalitis complex.


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