We have searched, using a sensitive nested-PCR, for enterovirus RNA in cerebrospinal fluid and post mortem central nervous system (CNS) tissue from patients with previous poliomyelitis with or without late functional deterioration, patients with motor neuron disease (MND), and control patients with other neurological disease or without neurological disease. Enterovirus RNA was detected in patients with previous poliomyelitis and MND, but also in control patients with and without neurological disease. Our results do not provide any evidence that such enterovirus infection is related to late functional deterioration in patients with previous poliomyelitis, which could be attributed to other medical conditions in most instances, and do not support the hypothesis that MND is associated with enterovirus infection of the CNS. Nucleotide sequence analysis of enterovirus RNA sequences detected indicated that enteroviruses detected were of the non-polio type.


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