Avian sarcoma virus PR2257 contains 952 bp transduced from the left part of the 3′UTR of the chicken c- oncogene. Deletion mutants were constructed to determine the effect of the 3′UTR on tumorigenicity and . In the presence of the 3′UTR, tumours were 3.4 times larger , and tumorigenicity was increased 2.5-fold . Several regulatory submotifs were also found within the 3′UTR. Parts of the 3′UTR were cloned into the LTR CAT plasmid and analysed for CAT expression. A 170 bp element was found to be responsible for the enhanced expression of the CAT gene. These results demonstrate the effect of the transduced 3′UTR sequence during long-term interaction between PR2257 virus and the chicken genome, and suggest a novel regulatory mechanism of the oncogene.


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