We examined cytolytic cells that lyse pseudorabies virus (PRV)-infected cells in pigs. stimulation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from PRV-immune pigs with live PRV generated cells that lysed PRV-infected immortalized B cells. Several lines of evidence indicated a major contribution of non-major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-restricted cytolytic cells, which displayed characteristics of natural killer (NK) or lymphokine-activated killer cells: cytolysis was non-MHC-restricted, depended on CD2CD4CD8 (or CD2CD4CD8) cells, was strongly augmented by antigenic stimulation and was not limited to virus-infected cells, i.e. the NK cell-susceptible target cell line K562 was also lysed. Cytolytic cells were also generated by antigenic stimulation with UV-inactivated PRV. Target cells transfected with and stably expressing PRV gB or gC were lysed to the same degree as PRV-infected target cells.


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