We have sequenced DNA equivalent to the E5R ORF of Copenhagen vaccinia virus from an additional strain of vaccinia and from cowpox (three strains), camelpox (two strains), taterapox and ectromelia viruses. None of these showed the disruptions previously reported in the equivalent region of monkeypox virus. We also constructed a viable recombinant of vaccinia virus strain Dairen in which the E5R sequence was disrupted by a 436 bp deletion and substitution of the gene. Quantitative analysis of the sequences, including available sequences from monkeypox, variola and vaccinia viruses revealed four main groupings, namely cowpox, ectromelia, monkeypox and a cluster which includes variola, camelpox, taterapox and vaccinia viruses. It was noted that, at over 75% of the positions which differentiated species, all species but one had a common nucleotide. Although the analysis covers one single gene only, the results accord with what is known of the biology of the viruses.


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