A restriction fragment library representing 89.3% of the genome of granulosis virus (TnGV) was constructed. The library consisted of 13 of the 16 HI fragments, 18 of the 22 RI fragments, and 6 of the 27 I fragments. By restriction endonuclease and Southern blot analysis of cloned or genomic viral DNA fragments, a complete physical map of TnGV was constructed for HI, RI, I and I. Three interspersed homologous regions (1–3) were identified from hybridization experiments and sequenced. Each TnGV has an approximate size of 400 bp and shows homology to the other two. The orientation of 2 is inverted relative to 1 and 3. TnGV regions do not have repetitive motifs or palindromic sequences, in contrast to homologous regions () of nuclear polyhedrosis viruses (NPVs). The genomic locations of TnGV 1–3, represented in percentage map units, were very similar to those of sequences previously reported in NPV, suggesting that the may be a novel type of -acting element common among baculoviruses. Additionally, an inverted repeat sequence, having overlapping multiple inverted repeats of 400 bp, was identified to the left of 3 on the linearized genome map of TnGV.


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