Moloney murine leukaemia virus (MoMLV) markedly accelerates thymic lymphoma development in mice carrying a transgene in which the human c- gene is linked to the CD2 locus control region. To investigate the mechanism of synergy and identify the genes which collaborate with in these clonal tumours, we analysed the sites of MoMLV insertion. Analysis of known viral integration loci revealed only a small number of insertions at -1, -1 and -1. Further cloning and hybridization analysis revealed a new common integration locus, designated -1, which was occupied in 25 out of 77 lymphomas examined, with evidence of multiple clonal insertions in some cases. Mapping relative to established chromosomal markers in interspecific backcross mice located -1 to mouse chromosome 17, distal to -1 and -1. These results suggest that the -1 locus may harbour a novel -collaborating gene which acts as a target for activation in T cell lymphomas.


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