This is the first report which gives a general survey about viroid variant composition in a vineyard and within single plants. A German vineyard with 20-year-old grapevines () of the cultivars ‘Bacchus’ and ‘Kerner’ was analysed for viroid infections. Only grapevine yellow speckle viroid 1 (GYSVd1) and the grapevine isolate of hop stunt viroid (HSVdg) were detected. Both viroids occur in several sequence variations. Eighteen novel GYSVd1 variants and two previously published HSVdg main variants with six new minor variants were found. They were randomly spread in the vineyard. The distributions of GYSVd1 and HSVdg main variants and their accompanying subvariants differed even in neighbouring plants. We conclude that these individual viroid variant profiles are the result of 20 years of independent evolution, i.e. mutation and selection, in each single plant. Four of the nine GYSVd1 main variants were mutated in the inverted repeats bordering the central conserved region. These base substitutions decreased the thermodynamic stability of a metastable structure called hairpin I.


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