The complete nucleotide sequence of citrus tatter leaf capillovirus (CTLV lily strain) was determined. It is 6496 nucleotides long, excluding the 3′-terminal poly(A) tract, and contains two putative overlapping open reading frames (ORFs). ORF1 (positions 37-6354) encodes a potential polyprotein of molecular mass 242 kDa. ORF2 (positions 4788-5750) codes for a 36 kDa protein. The 242 kDa polypeptide contains several non-structural protein domains (i.e. methyltransferase, NTP-binding helicase, papain-like proteinase and polymerase) and, at its C terminus, the putative coat protein. The N-terminal region of the 36 kDa protein displays sequence similarity to the cell-to-cell movement proteins of the ‘30 K superfamily’. Such a genome structure is conserved between CTLV and apple stem grooving capillovirus. Capped transcripts from a plasmid containing the complete sequence of CTLV, with a T7 RNA promoter, successfully infected plants and caused symptoms characteristic of CTLV. Uncapped transcripts were non-infectious.


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