A virus isolate, designated as 11-Cal, originating from southern France has been identified as an isolate of the mite-transmitted brome streak mosaic rymovirus (BrSMV) by serological and morphological properties. BrSMV is a member of the genus of the family . The complete nucleotide sequence of the RNA genome of BrSMV has been determined. The assembled RNA is 9672 nucleotides in length, excluding a 3′-terminal poly(A)sequence. The RNA contains one open reading frame (ORF) of 9282 nucleotides coding for a polyprotein of 3093 amino acids. A comparison with typical potyviruses showed that BrSMV has a similar genome organization. The predicted cleavage sites of the polyprotein of BrSMV are similar to those of potyviruses. Nevertheless, unusual dipeptides are proposed in two cases. Based on the proposed location of the cleavage sites nine mature proteins are predicted. Specific motifs, described for potyviral polyproteins, are almost all present in the polyprotein of BrSMV, too. However, only an incomplete zinc-finger motif is present in the potential helper component and the motif for aphid transmission in the coat protein is not found. Several alignments of amino acid sequences showed less similarity between BrSMV and potyviruses than between different potyviruses.


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