Murine monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were produced against a nematode non-transmissible isolate of tobacco rattle tobravirus (TRV-PLB). Two of the MAbs (SCR 80 and 81) did not react with the serologically closely related isolate TRV-PPK20 (both isolates belong to the PRN serotype), which is readily transmissible by nematodes. When further isolates of the PRN serotype were tested, all the non-transmissible ones reacted with these two MAbs, but so also did some of those that are readily transmissible. SCR 80 and 81 were able to trap TRV-PLB particles onto electron microscope grids and reacted with metatopes located near the C terminus of the particle protein. The epitope recognized by SCR 81 was discontinuous. The MAbs that reacted with both TRV-PLB and TRV-PPK20 recognized either continuous cryptotopes (SCR 78) or discontinuous neotopes (SCR 79 and 82).


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