The complete nucleotide sequence of rice ragged stunt virus genome segment 9 (S9) was determined. The S9 segment is 1132 nucleotides long and has a long open reading frame starting from the first AUG codon at nucleotide position 14–16 and terminating at a UAG codon located at 1028–1030, which could encode a polypeptide with an of 38 600 (P9). The encoded polypeptide has no sequence homology to polypeptides of any other plant reoviruses published previously. An immunological study demonstrated that P9 was the smallest of the structural proteins. The P9 polypeptide was expressed as a fusion protein with maltose binding protein in . Antisera to purified virions and to the fusion protein reacted with both the bacterially expressed polypeptide and the smallest polypeptide of the purified virus in immunoblotting analyses.


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