We have previously demonstrated the presence of rhesus monkey papillomavirus type 1 (RhPV-1), from molecular and pathological evidence, in a mating group within a single institution. We have now also obtained a number of fresh or archival tissues of rhesus monkeys from other geographically distinct institutions. Using PCR amplification, we observed two animals from one of these institutions and five animals from another which demonstrated RhPV-1 DNA sequences. In addition we molecularly cloned the E7, E2, E4, L2 and L1 genes of RhPV-1 into bacterial expression vectors. The fusion gene products were used to test for serological response to RhPV-1 antigens by Western blot analysis. Responses were observed in up to 52% of the animals tested. While some serologically positive animals were also RhPV-1 DNA-positive, most were not.


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