The nucleotide sequence of citrus leaf rugose virus (CiLRV) RNA 1 consists of 3404 nucleotides and contains one open reading frame (ORF) which encodes a putative translation product of 1051 amino acids with a calculated of 118 339. Both the nucleotide sequence of CiLRV RNA 1 and its translated polypeptide share similarities with those of the RNA 1 of alfalfa mosaic virus. However, the relationship is not as close as that which exists between the polymerase signatures of the two viruses, which are found on RNA 2. This is the first report of the full-length sequence for the RNA 1 of an ilarvirus and completes the first sequence for an entire ilarvirus genome. If it is typical of members of the genus then, as has long been speculated, the genomic organization of ilarviruses is identical to that of other genera in the family .


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