Pseudorecombinants made by exchanging the cloned, infectious genome components (DNAs A and B) of potato yellow mosaic geminivirus (PYMV) and the common strain (cs) of tomato golden mosaic geminivirus (csTGMV) are not infectious in their common host . In an leaf disc assay neither PYMV DNA A nor TGMV DNA A -replicated each other's DNA B component. The ability of PYMV and TGMV to mediate the systemic movement of each other's DNA A was investigated following co-inoculation of with both genome components of one virus (the helper virus) and DNA A of the other virus (the dependent virus). Movement of the dependent virus DNA A in both cases illustrates interchangeability between the DNA B-encoded movement proteins of New World geminiviruses which infect solanaceous hosts. We have studied this genetic interchangeability further in separate co-agroinoculation experiments with plants using TGMV DNA A to complement mutations in PYMV open reading frame (ORF) AC2, which encodes a protein that -activates the expression of virion sense promoters, and in PYMV ORF AC3, which specifies a protein that enhances viral DNA replication. TGMV DNA A complemented a PYMV AC2 mutant and restored its infectivity and it also complemented a PYMV AC3 mutant and restored the reduced DNA phenotype.


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