The ecdysteroid UDP-glucosyltransferase () gene isolated from a plaque-purified isolate of multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (CfMNPV) was compared to its homologue from a defective MNPV virus (CfDEF) present in wild-type virus populations infecting the eastern spruce budworm, . The genes were located in the same relative position within the virus genomes and their genomic location and arrangement were similar to that found in MNPV (AcMNPV) and MNPV (OpMNPV). The genes encoded 491 and 494 amino acid open reading frames respectively, and were 67% identical at the amino acid level and 74% identical at the nucleotide level. Transcripts of the of CfMNPV peaked around 12 h post-infection (p.i.) and disappeared after 36 h p.i. Transcripts of the of CfDEF peaked between 6 and 9 h p.i. and were not detected 24 h p.i. The from CfMNPV was more similar to the partially sequenced identified from OpMNPV, at the nucleotide and amino acid levels, than it was to the from the CfDEF, AcMNPV, NPV, MNPV or MNPV. Phylogenetic analysis of supported the baculovirus evolution scheme suggested by polyhedrin sequence analysis.


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