Paired serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from 10 AIDS patients with and 10 without AIDS dementia complex (ADC) were studied, in an attempt to uncover ADC-associated variation in V3 sequences. Sequences were obtained from four of the patients with and eight of those without ADC. Comparison of the sequences using a resampling technique revealed a significant ADC-associated difference occurring at several amino acid positions. Results from serum and CSF sequences were comparable. These differences may indicate that the virus found in ADC and that in non-ADC patients have different biological properties. Comparison of serum versus CSF sequences within samples from both ADC and non-ADC patients, using the same resampling technique, revealed no clear distinctions. In some patients, the sequence populations in serum and CSF were completely distinct, while in others, there was no difference in distribution. These patterns were not associated with ADC.


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