A restriction map of the genomic DNA of phage PL-1 was constructed using the restriction endonucleases HI, RI, dIII, I, I and I. The PL-1 genome was 42.2 kb in size and had complementary cohesive ends forming a ring-like monomer. The cohesive ends, analysed with exonuclease III and S1 nuclease, were 3′-terminated single strands protruding from both ends. The nucleotide sequence of the cohesive ends, determined by the dideoxynucleotide method, comprised four A + T and 10 G + C pairs: 5′ GAGGCCGACCGTTC 3′/3′ CTCCGGCTGGCAAG 5′. Thus, the cohesive ends of PL-1 DNA were higher in G + C content than those of other known bacteriophage DNAs.


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