A blotch isolate of peanut stripe virus (PStV) was cloned, sequenced and compared with other full-length potyvirus sequences. The viral genome was 10059 nucleotides (nt) in length excluding the poly(A) tail. Two potential AUG start codons were identified in the 5′ non-translated region. Analysis of translation products from transcripts containing the first 600 nt of the PStV genome indicated that the first AUG (nt 134 to 136) was preferred over the second AUG (nt 146 to 148) for initiation of translation. Within the single large open reading frame, eight processed proteins were predicted. In general, motifs conserved in other potyviral sequences were also found in the PStV genome. The presence of a 6K protein between the P3 and CI proteins was predicted. An altered amino acid motif, from FI(V)VRG to FMIIRG, within the carboxyl terminus of the P1 protein, separates the PStV sequence from the majority of potyvirus sequences. Based on comparisons with available full-length potyvirus genome sequences, PStV was found to be most closely related to soybean mosaic virus.


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