Processing and assembly of bovine leukaemia virus-like particles were studied in African green monkey kidney cells using recombinant vaccinia viruses (rVVs) expressing regions of the bovine leukaemia virus genome. Unprocessed gag precursor protein (Pr44) was detected in immunoblot analysis of lysed cells and particles sedimented from culture supernatants after infection with a rVV carrying the and truncated protease () gene. Processing of Pr44 was observed after infection of cells with a rVV carrying the and gene or a rVV expressing the and polymerase () gene. Reverse transcriptase activity was detected only in association with particles produced by and expressing recombinants. Thin section electron microscopic analysis of infected cells and pelleted particles revealed that Pr44 and processed gag proteins assembled at the cell membrane. Pr44 was released into the cell culture media as immature virus-like particles, whereas processed gag proteins from rVVs expressing and or and formed mature particles.


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