Recombinant human papillomavirus type 11 (HPV-11) virus-like particles (VLPs) were tested for their ability to induce the formation of neutralizing antibodies, and were also tested for serodiagnostic capabilities in an ELISA in comparison with HPV-11 whole virions. VLPs, purified by CsCl density gradient centrifugation from the cell-free supernatant of Ac11L1-infected Sf9 suspension cell cultures, were used to immunize rabbits and anti-VLP antibodies were tested in the athymic mouse model of HPV-11 infection. Pretreatment of infectious HPV-11 virions with the immune serum of VLP-treated animals caused a marked reduction of graft growth ( < 10) and viral gene expression ( < 10), similar to the effects obtained using whole virion post-immune serum, and consistent with immune neutralization. To assess the serodiagnostic capabilities of VLPs, a VLP ELISA was developed and used to analyse sera that were tested previously in an HPV-11 whole virion ELISA. Specific antibodies were detected in 49% of patients' sera ( = 2 × 10), and individual VLP seroreactivities correlated with those previously obtained using whole virions as the antigen (r = 0·87; < 10). These results indicate that recombinant VLPs can be used to elicit a neutralizing antibody response, and can substitute faithfully for native virions in the development of HPV-serodiagnostic immunoassays.


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