The gibbon ape leukaemia virus (GaLV) family of type C retroviruses consists of five closely related viral isolates, GaLV SF, GaLV SEATO, GaLV Br, GaLV H and simian sarcoma-associated virus. The cDNA encoding the human receptor for GaLV SEATO had previously been isolated. We now demonstrate that all of the above GaLVs can use the human form of the GaLV receptor to infect cells. All murine cells analysed to date have been found to be resistant to infection by GaLVs owing to the absence of a functional GaLV receptor. We have now identified a murine cell line which is unique in its susceptibility to GaLV infection. This cell line was established from a Japanese feral mouse, . We cloned and sequenced the cDNA for the receptor expressed in these cells and compared it to the cDNA for the GaLV receptor expressed in resistant murine cells such as NIH 3T3 (derived from ) and MDTF (derived from tail fibroblasts). The crucial region for GaLV infection (the fourth extracellular domain) from the functional GaLV receptor is quite divergent from the same region of the and proteins, but similar to that of the functional human GaLV receptor. These results confirm the importance of the amino acids of this region in GaLV receptor function.


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