The nucleotide sequence and genomic organization of a conserved genome region within the RI G fragment of granulosis virus (C1GV) is presented. Five open reading frames (ORFs) were identified which were homologous to those of nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV), located upstream of the helicase gene (p143) at 63.6 to 65.6 map units. The ORFs of C1GV and AcMNPV share nucleotide sequence homologies of about 47 to 53% and are very similarly arranged. One of the ClGV ORFs potentially encodes a basic DNA-binding protein with an of about 7.3K. Its predicted amino acid sequence mainly consists of multiple arginine and serine residues and shows a 52 to 55% identity to the DNA-binding proteins of AcMNPV and other nuclear polyhedrosis viruses. Its amino acid composition conforms to that of the DNA-binding proteins of granulosis virus and granulosis virus.


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