Strand-specific riboprobes representative of either strand of the chicken anaemia virus (CAV) replicative form (RF) DNA indicated that only one strand of the RF was transcribed to produce a major 2·0 kb transcript and that the encapsidated DNA strand was of negative sense. Primer extension analysis located a single transcriptional start site at nucleotide position 360 of the CAV sequence. Amplification, cloning and sequencing of the 3′ end of the major transcript revealed the polyadenylation site at nucleotide position 21. Northern blot analysis using a series of genomic probes indicated that the 2·0 kb transcript was devoid of splicing and identified a non-transcribed region of the genome. This non-transcribed region was shown to possess promoter activity, enhancing the expression of the human growth hormone reporter gene in a transient gene expression assay. These observations suggest a simple strategy of genome expression involving a functional polycistronic message.


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