The complete nucleotide sequence of mosaic virus (P1AMV) genomic RNA has been determined. The 6128 nucleotide sequence contains five open reading frames (ORFs) coding for proteins of 156K (ORF1), 25K (ORF2), 12K (ORF3), 13K (ORF4) and 22K (ORF5). The sequences of these P1AMV proteins exhibit strong homology to the proteins of the other potexviruses. Phylogenetic trees based on the multiple sequence alignments of three conserved domains in ORF1 product and capsid protein reveal a close relationship of P1AMV to papaya mosaic virus and clover yellow mosaic virus. The P1AMV genomic RNA and a major subgenomic RNA (sgRNA) of 0.9 kb have been detected in infected leaves by Northern blot hybridization. The latter sgRNA is the messenger for virus capsid protein and its 5′ terminus has been located 23 nucleotides upstream of the initiator codon of the coat protein gene. The P1AMV virion RNA and RNA transcript resembling the 0.9 kb sgRNA have been translated giving rise to a single major 170K product and a major 22K product, respectively.


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