The complete nucleotide sequence of RNA 1, the largest genomic segment of rice stripe virus (RSV), was determined using two sets of overlapping cDNA clones. RNA segment 1 comprises 8970 nucleotides and on the viral complementary sequence has a single long open reading frame coding for a protein of 2919 amino acids with an estimated of 336860. Amino acid sequence comparisons of the putative protein indicated strong homology (30% amino acid identity over about 1500 residues) with the L protein of the genus of the , but no detectable similarity with other members of the . However, weak similarity was detected with the L protein of Tacaribe arenavirus. The highly homologous sequence domain includes the conserved motifs of the putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. The data presented here, along with previous work clearly show significant similarities in genome organization, structure and expression between RSV and members of the genus of the . Taken together, we propose that tenuiviruses should be included in the under the genus .


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