The polyhedrin gene () of single nucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (HzSNPV) was identified and shown by sequence analysis of the RI I genomic fragment to encode a 246 amino acid polypeptide that has greater than 80% sequence identity to known polyhedrins. It is preceded by an AT-rich region containing the conserved late promoter motif TAAG, which was identified as a transcription start point. Downstream of there were several similarities in genome arrangement to other nuclear polyhedrosis viruses (NPVs). These include open reading frame (ORF) 8, immediately downstream of , encoding a 412 amino acid protein with multiple tandem proline residues, which is homologous to ORF8 (ORF1629) of multiple nucleocapsid NPV. Phylogenetic analysis of the gene region shows that HzSNPV is a member of the previously described lepidopteran NPV group II and that it is most closely related to of the NPVs of (single nucleocapsid-type virus) and .


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