The complete nucleotide sequence of RNA 1 of the tentative furovirus peanut clump virus (PCV) has been determined by characterization of cloned cDNA and by direct RNA sequencing. The sequence is 5897 nucleotides in length and contains three long open reading frames (ORFs). The 5′-terminal proximal ORF has the potential to encode a polypeptide of 130942 (P131) containing methyltransferase and RNA helicase homologous domains and displaying homology with large nonstructural proteins of alpha-like viruses, which are known or thought to be involved in virus replication. The P131 ORF is followed in-frame by a second ORF which is probably expressed by partial readthrough of the UGA termination codon of the P131 ORF to produce a polypeptide of 191044 (P191). The readthrough region of P191 contains the characteristic ‘core’ RNA polymerase motif, indicating that the PCV replicase proteins are expressed as a pair of overlapping proteins as in the tobamoviruses, tobraviruses and the furovirus soil-borne wheat mosaic virus (SBWMV). Sequence comparisons indicate that P131 and P191 are most closely related to the replicase proteins of SBWMV and the hordeivirus barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV) but are only distantly related to the replicase of the furovirus beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYVV). The 3′-terminal proximal ORF can encode a putative polypeptide of 14556 (P15) which displays homology to small cysteine-rich proteins of hordeiviruses and SBWMV. We have corrected four errors in the sequence of PCV RNA 2 published previously by Manohar ( , 33–41, 1993). One of these changes causes two small ORFs near the 3′ terminus of RNA 2 to be fused together to create an ORF for a putative polypeptide of 16833 (P17) which displays extensive homology with the third protein of the triple gene block of BSMV RNA β.


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