Open reading frame (ORF) 9 of the RI I fragment of the baculovirus multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) genome encodes a protein, PK-1, which has strong similarity to serine-threonine protein kinases. The published sequence of the gene contains an error that, when corrected, extends the ORF by 228 nucleotides. Transcription of was first detectable by primer extension at 12 h post-infection, accumulating to high levels during the very late phase of infection. PK-1 produced in rabbit reticulocyte lysates was able to phosphorylate histone H1. Together, our results suggest that ORF 9 encodes a protein kinase that is expressed during the beginning of the late and throughout the very late phases of AcMNPV infection.


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