Head-to-tail dimeric clones of both DNA A and DNA B of potato yellow mosaic geminivirus (PYMV) were constructed. These constructs were infectious when inoculated onto plants either as DNA or by agroinoculation and were also infectious for tomato plants by agroinoculation. The dimers were not infectious for potato plants following inoculation by either method. Symptom induction required both DNA A and DNA B but agroinoculation with DNA A alone resulted in virus spread in 30% of the inoculated plants. Leaf disc explants of , tomato and potato could all be infected by agroinoculation indicating that the method of delivery of the DNA to intact potato plants was unsuitable for successful inoculation rather than an inherent inability of the virus to replicate/spread in potato . Neither whole plants nor leaf discs of sugar beet supported the replication of PYMV DNA.


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