The segmented double-stranded RNA genome of reovirus (NLRV) was cloned, and the nucleotide sequence of genome segment S10 and terminal nucleotide sequences of the rest of the segments were determined. Genome segment S10 of NLRV consisted of 1430 nucleotides with a single open reading frame extending for 1293 nucleotides from nucleotide 46. It encoded a polypeptide of 431 amino acids with an of 49.4K, which was a non-structural protein. The plus-strand RNA of all genome segments had the same conserved trinucleotide 5′ AGU- and hexanucleotide-GUUGUC 3′ in the 5′- and 3′-terminal regions, respectively. These conserved terminal sequences resembled those found in the segments of the members of the genus .


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