The interaction of bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1) with the BHV-1 glycoprotein IV (gIV)-expressing cell line D1-1 was examined by radiolabelled virus adsorption assays, autoradiography and electron microscopy. Adsorption of radiolabelled BHV-1 to D1-1 cells was similar to that observed in control cell lines but radiography revealed that virus moved to the nucleus of control but not the gIV-expressing cells. Electron microscopy studies showed that BHV-1 attached to the cell membranes of D1-1 and control cells at 4 °C but penetration of virus was observed only in control cells when the temperature was shifted to 37 °C. These results provide further evidence that cellular expression of gIV does not prevent viral adsorption, but does prevent the entrance of the virus into the cell.


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