The size and genomic location of viral transcripts expressed in simian varicella virus (SVV)-infected Vero cells were determined. Total cellular RNA and polyadenylated RNA were isolated from SVV-infected and mock-infected Vero cells. Viral transcripts were detected by Northern blot hybridization analysis using overlapping SVV DNA probes representative of the entire SVV genome. The results indicated that all regions of the SVV genome are transcribed during SVV infection . At least 53 distinct viral RNA species ranging in size from 9·2 to 0·8 kb were detected. DNA probes derived from the SVV DNA long (L) and short (S) components hybridized to 44 RNAs (9·2 to 0·8 kb) and nine RNAs (4·9 to 0·8 kb), respectively. A transcript map of the SVV genome was constructed. The comparison made between the transcript maps of SVV and varicellazoster virus (VZV) provides further support that the SVV and VZV genomes have an analogous gene organization.


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