A portion of the genome of the (Lepidoptera) single nucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (BsSNPV) containing the polyhedrin gene was sequenced. An open reading frame of 738 nucleotides encoded a protein of 246 amino acids and represented the polyhedrin gene. A conserved TAAG motif, associated with transcriptional start sites in other polyhedrin genes, was identified 51 nucleotides upstream of the BsSNPV polyhedrin gene. A putative polyadenylation signal, AATAAA, was found immediately downstream of the polypeptide termination codon. Comparison of the amino acid sequence of BsSNPV polyhedrin with other NPV polyhedrins and granulosis virus granulins showed that the BsSNPV polyhedrin was most closely related to the polyhedrin of (Lepidoptera) SNPV and most distantly related to the polyhedrin of (Hymenoptera) SNPV.


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