Inoculation of the cottontop tamarin with Epstein—Barr virus (EBV) gives rise to the development of mono- and/or oligoclonal large cell malignant lymphoma. A cDNA library was generated with the RNA extracted from an EBV-induced tamarin lymphoma biopsy in order to study the transcripts expressed in the tumour tissue. Fifteen EBV-specific cDNA clones were localized in the corresponding viral genomic fragments. Among them, two correspond to the EBNA-2 gene, and two others to the latent membrane protein gene. The majority of the cDNA clones were localized in the HI A fragment which has not been associated with latent expression. Furthermore, cDNAs were also found from the HI D and I fragments. Sequence analysis of the cDNAs localized in HI A showed that they correspond to a rightward transcript in the BALF-3 region, with the one clone that was sequenced containing four exons and three introns. The above results were confirmed by testing three different biopsies with the rapid amplification of cDNA ends-PCR method.


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