The attachment protein, G, of human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is an 84K to 90K species which has a high content of -linked and -linked carbohydrates. The unglycosylated form of this protein was expressed by inserting a full-length cDNA copy of the mRNA from the A2 strain of RSV into a prokaryotic expression vector under the control of the lambda P promoter. cells transformed with the G-containing plasmid synthesized a protein of 40000 that specifically reacted with polyclonal and two neutralizing monoclonal antibodies raised against the native RSV G glycoprotein. Recombinant G protein was purified by immunoaffinity chromatography using a neutralizing monoclonal antibody. Cotton rats immunized with the recombinant G protein produced serum antibodies to the G glycoprotein that neutralized RSV . The study demonstrates that the G protein of RSV can be expressed in bacteria and that at least one neutralizing epitope is not structurally dependent on carbohydrates.


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