The VP4 protein of human rotavirus (HRV) strain Ro1845 and canine rotavirus strains K9 and CU-1 exhibited greater than 98% amino acid identity within their group, but showed less identity with VP4 proteins of other HRV and animal rotavirus strains, the simian rotavirus strain RRV VP4 being most similar to them (90% amino acid identity). To exclude the possibility that these three strains were members of the RRV VP4 serotype P3, neutralization studies were performed using antisera to reassortant viruses containing the VP4 gene from each of Ro1845, CU-1 and RRV. The result established close antigenic similarity among the VP4 proteins of Ro1845, K9 and CU-1 and revealed only a marginal degree of similarity between the VP4 proteins of these three strains and that of strain RRV. These sequence and serological data suggest that the VP4 proteins of Ro1845, K9 and CU-1 represent a new P serotype which we propose to assign P13.


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