The gene encoding the major capsid protein (MCP) of fish lymphocystis disease virus (flounder isolate; FLCDV-f) has been identified by PCR using oligonucleotide primers corresponding to different regions of the MCP of Tipula iridescent virus (TIV), iridescent virus 22 (IV22) and iridescent virus (CIV). DNA fragments of 0·4 kbp, 0·5 kbp and 0·27 kbp in size were amplified using oligonucleotide primers corresponding to amino acids (aa) 146 to 153 (primer 1) and 274 to 268 (primer 6), or aa 146 to 153 (primer 1) and 313 to 304 (primer 8), or aa 304 to 312 (primer 7) and 385 to 381 (primer 9) of the MCP of TIV, respectively. The PCR products were used as hybridization probes for screening the gene library of FLCDV-f. The MCP gene of FLCDV-f (1377 bp; 459 aa; 51·4K) was identified within the DNA sequence of the RI FLCDV-f DNA fragment C (11·2 kbp; 0·611 to 0·718 map units). A high degree of aa sequence identity/similarity was detected between the MCP of FLCDV-fand TIV (50·3%/33.8%), IV22 (49·1%/34·2%). CIV (53%/29·5%) and African swine fever virus (16%/38·1%).


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