The human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV-16) enhancer-promoter is virtually inactive in normal human diploid fibroblasts, but active in human fibroblasts with a deletion in the short arm of one chromosome 11 (del-11 cells). Since the HPV-16 enhancer with the simian virus 40 promoter is active in both cell types, the target for chromosome 11-regulated HPV-expression is likely to be located in the HPV-16 early promoter region (nucleotides 57 to 112). We show here that DNA-protein complexes formed with an HPV-16 promoter fragment are quantitatively different in del-11 cell and diploid cell extracts. This quantitative difference detected in band shift experiments disappeared upon mutation of the HPV-16 TATAAAA box to TATTTAT. This mutation also strongly reduced the activity of the HPV-16 enhancer-promoter in del-11 cells. These results indicate that TATA-binding proteins are involved in the chromosome 11-mediated regulation of HPV-16 gene expression.


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