A λ gt11 cDNA library prepared from bovine leukaemia virus (BLV)-producing ovine cells was screened with a cocktail of anti-BLV gp51 monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). Four recombinant phages with inserts of about 2.5 kbp were isolated. One, λ BLV-gp51-1, was sequenced and shown to encode the C-terminal part of gp51 and all of gp30. This insert was subcloned into pEV-vrf1 and expressed in N-4830-1 cells. The BLV product and a series of antipeptide antibodies were used to localize the sequential epitopes defined on BLV envelope glycoprotein gp51 by their reactivity with MAbs. Epitope B was localized to amino acids 180 to 205, B′ to residues 195 to 205, D and D′ to residues 218 to 237, and A to amino acids 249 to 260. All the mapped sequential epitopes were localized in the C-terminal half of BLV gp51. The results of epitope mapping with bacterially produced gp51 confirm the map obtained using native viral glycoprotein.


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