The complete nucleotide sequence of the L RNA segment of Uukuniemi virus has been determined from cloned cDNA. The L RNA is 6423 nucleotides in length, and is of negative polarity. The viral-complementary RNA contains a single large open reading frame of 2104 codons which corresponds to the L protein ( 241039). Comparison with the L protein sequences of other members of the Bunyaviridae showed homology with the Rift Valley fever phlebovirus L protein (38% amino acid identity), but no detectable similarity with bunyavirus, hantavirus or tospovirus L proteins. These data lend further support for the recent reclassification of uukuviruses and phleboviruses into the same genus, , in the family Bunyaviridae. The L RNA sequence completes the determination of the Uukuniemi virus genome: since the M RNA segment is 3229 and the S RNA segment 1720 nucleotides, the whole genome comprises 11372 nucleotides.


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