The nucleotide sequence of bovine respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), ATCC strain A51908 fusion (F) glycoprotein gene cDNA was determined. The amino acid sequence deduced was then compared to those of two different isolates of bovine RSV, strains RB 94 and 391–2, and the A and B subtypes of human RSV, strains 18537 and A2. The bovine RSV F protein is highly conserved between the three isolates, A51908 has 97% amino acid identity to RB 94, and 99% identity to 391–2. The F proteins of both the A and B types of human RSV are 81% identical to that of A51908. The cDNA clone was expressed using a baculovirus vector and the expressed recombinant F protein produced in SF9 cells was characterized by Western blot analysis. The recombinant F protein was post-translationally cleaved into the active form and reacted with serum from bovine RSV-infected calves.


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