The nucleotide sequence of the P gene of the porcine paramyxovirus La-Piedad-Michoacan-Mexico virus (LPMV) was analysed. Three long open reading frames (ORFs) were found in the mRNA sense. Insertion of two G residues is necessary to obtain an ORF encoding the P protein, which gives a P protein of 404 amino acids with a calculated of 42475. This form of editing was demonstrated, two non-templated G residues being added in a portion of the mRNA transcripts. The LPMV V protein, which has a conserved cysteine-rich C-terminal region, is encoded by an exact copy of the P gene. The third ORF has the capacity to encode a protein of 126 amino acids, which may resemble the C proteins found in some paramyxoviruses. The ORF starts from an AUG codon down-stream of the first AUG codon of the P/V ORF.


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