The sequences of the genes of two of the major capsid proteins of epizootic haemorrhagic disease virus serotype 1 (EHDV-1, genus, Reoviridae) have been determined by analyses of cDNA clones representing the L2 and S7 RNA segments. The EHDV-1 S7 RNA segment, which encodes the VP7 core protein, is 1162 nucleotides in length and has the capacity to encode 349 amino acids ( 38243). The EHDV-1 L2 RNA segment, which encodes the outer capsid VP2 protein ( 113249) is 2968 nucleotides in length and has an open reading frame of 971 codons. The potential secondary structure of the EHDV-1 S7 mRNA species, in particular that of the terminal regions, is comparable to those of the corresponding segments of bluetongue virus (BTV) and African horse sickness virus (AHSV); the EHDV-1 L2 mRNA species has a secondary structure similar to that of the L2 mRNA of BTV. The EHDV-1 VP2 and VP7 proteins, as well as those of the other two major structural proteins of EHDV published previously (the inner core VP3 protein and the second outer capsid, VP5), are closely related to the corresponding proteins of BTV. The EHDV and BTV VP7 sequences are more distantly related to the sequence of the AHSV VP7 protein published recently.


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