The nucleotide sequences of the F and M2 mRNAs of strain A51908 of bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) were determined by sequencing cDNA of an intracellular dicistronic mRNA. Comparison of the F mRNA sequence with those of other BRSV strains showed that there was extensive sequence identity at both the nucleotide (95% identity) and amino acid (94% identity) levels. Alignment of the nucleotide and encoded amino acid sequences of M2 mRNA of BRSV with those of human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV) M2 mRNA showed 69% identity at the nucleotide level and 80% identity at the amino acid level. The general features of BRSV F and M2 proteins are similar to those described previously for the HRSV proteins. The M2 mRNA of BRSV also contained a second internal, overlapping open reading frame (ORF) similar to one reported for HRSV. The predicted products of the second ORFs of BRSV and HRSV shared 43% amino acid identity. As described for HRSV, the 3′-terminal end of the M2 mRNA overlaps with the 5′ end of the L gene by 68 nucleotides. The identity between the N-terminal regions of the L proteins of BRSV and HRSV is 75%. In addition, the intergenic sequence of the F-M2 gene junction of BRSV was determined.


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