The synthesis of viral RNA species in tomato spotted wilt virus-infected plants was followed in terms of time and relative abundance. Systemic symptoms were visible after 4 days post-inoculation (p.i.), but viral (v) and viral-complementary (vc) strands of all three genomic RNA segments [large (L) RNA, medium (M) RNA and small (S) RNA] were detected from 2 days p.i. In addition, two subgenomic mRNAs, derived from S RNA, were detected. For the L RNA segment no subgenomic mRNAs were detected, suggesting that this segment is expressed via the synthesis of a genome-sized vc mRNA. A possible M-specific subgenomic mRNA was detected, showing a similar time course of appearance as the subgenomic mRNAs derived from the S RNA segment. Analysis of cytoplasmic RNA fractions revealed that both v and vc strands of all three genomic segments associate with the nucleocapsid protein into nucleocapsid structures, the vcRNA species being present in lower amounts. Intact, enveloped virus particles contained only the v strand of the L RNA segment and, surprisingly, both v and vc strands of the M and S RNA segment, though in different ratios.


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