Anti-dengue 2 virus core protein monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) reacted with antigens in the cytoplasm and in, or on, the nucleus of dengue 2 and dengue 4, but not dengue 1, dengue 3, Kunjin or Murray Valley encephalitis virus-infected cells. These MAbs also reacted with the core protein from dengue 1, 2 and 4 virions in Western blots. The antigens detected by these MAbs could not be detected in uninfected or heat-shocked cells, but were first detected in infected cells approximately 32 h post-infection. PEPSCAN epitope mapping suggested that all the MAbs react with a region of the dengue 2 virus core protein (RNTPFNMLKRE) which is adjacent to a putative nuclear localization sequence (KKAR) and spans a possible second site for the initiation of synthesis of core protein (PFN↓MLKR).


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