The host ranges of the Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) pseudotype RSV(HPRS-103) of a novel avian leukosis virus (ALV), strain HPRS-103, and representative RSV pseudotypes of subgroups A to F, have been determined in embryo fibroblasts from 12 avian species. Domestic fowl, red jungle fowl, Sonnerat's jungle fowl and turkey were susceptible to infection by RSV(HPRS-103); ring-necked pheasant, Japanese green pheasant, golden pheasant, Japanese quail, guinea-fowl, Peking duck, Muscovy duck and goose were resistant. The host range pattern of RSV(HPRS-103) differs from those of viruses of subgroups A to G and I, and provides support for placing the HPRS-103 strain of ALV in a new envelope subgroup, designated J.


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