We have analysed the organization of the 3′ end of the genomic RNA of canine coronavirus (CCV), a virus which has a close antigenic relationship to transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV), porcine respiratory coronavirus (PRCV) and feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV). Genomic RNA isolated from CCV strain Insavc-1-infected A72 cells was used to generate a cDNA library. Overlapping clones, spanning approximately 9.6 kb [from the 3′ end of the polymerase gene, 1b, to the poly(A) tail] were identified. Sequencing and subsequent analyses revealed 10 open reading frames (ORFs). Three of these code for the major coronavirus structural polypeptides S, M and N; a fourth codes for a small membrane protein, SM, a putative homologue of the IBV structural polypeptide 3c, and five code for polypeptides, designated 1b, 3a, 4, 7a and 7b, homologous to putative non-structural polypeptides encoded in the TGEV or FIPV genomes. An extra ORF which had not hitherto been identified in this antigenic group of coronaviruses was designated 3x. Pairwise alignment of these ORFs with their counterparts in TGEV, PRCV and FIPV revealed high levels of identity and highlighted the close relationship between the members of this group of viruses.


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